Monday, June 27, 2011

D. Rose & Big Sean in Adidas’ “What’s In A Number” Remix Commercial

I just bought some of these on Saturday. We'll see how they play tonight.

Freddie Gibbs & Statik Selektah: Keep It Warm For Ya ft. Smoke DZA & Chace Infinite

Another dope joint from Freddie and Statik. I need to get my hands on The Lord Giveth, Lord Taketh Away EP!!

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Dom Kennedy Live At Power House 2011

(June 25, 2011) Dom Kennedy performs 1997 & CDC (went in on some of Casey Veggies verse). Trying to see him on Thursday!

Show Tufli: Ready For It All

Off Show’s upcoming Cool, Calm & Collected mixtape.

Freddie Gibbs & Statik Selektah: Rap Money ft. Daz Dillinger

Off the EP, Lord Giveth, Lord Taketh Away. Freddie Gibbs is dope! I'd love to obtain some rap money. That is all.

Kendrick Lamar: Hol' Up

This came out a few days back. I'm lazy. You've probably already heard it. Fuck it. #Section80 July 20th.

The Weeknd: Trust Issues (Remix)

Just by chance I heard Drake's "Trust Issues" joint the other day in the car. Is it just me or does he just keep doing the same song over and over? Not a fan of R&B Drake at all. But thanks to Moe Green I now know who The Weeknd is and I thought I'd switch it up a little bit. Check it.

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Who'd They Sample? Saturdays: D Scree- Departure

Off Scree's debut mixtape "No Days Off".

And now John Denver...

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Brandon Dramatic: Cold Cheese Pizza ft. Element & Roshin

This is the first time I've heard dude and I'm definitely giving Domino Jones a download when it drops this Tuesday based off this one play. "Mac Milla, Vanilla, your flow sound delicate, all funky homo, not enough Del in it." Whoa! This track is some dopeness right here.

Curren$y: She Don’t Want A Man

Fashawn: Big Dreams (Prod. by J. Cole)

Off of Higher Learning 2.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

The ILLZ: In Between Us

I've always liked The Illz' music but he's definitely moving up towards the top of my favorite musicians.

"For the record we are extremely against domestic violence. Glad to be shedding light on that issue with this video. We're strongly against it and hope that it can inspire people dealing with domestic violence to break free from it."

A Day in the Life of Skewby: Nashville Edition

Big K.R.I.T. x Dee Goodz x Skewby?! Damn I wish I was at this concert.

Dee Goodz: No Showers

You already know the sample. Dee goes in freestyle for us.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

France: Freeze

I don't know too much about this Philly spitter but this track is nice!

Pac Div: Your Fuckin' Song

Fresh off the burner. "Posted, toasted, no goin' through emotions, pulled her at the Coliseum had to use a Trojan."

Monday, June 20, 2011

Moe Green: 707

I posted this song a couple weeks back when it came out. Now we get the visuals! Sample: The Weeknd’s “Glass Table Girls”.

Kendrick Lamar Live In Brooklyn

"I'ma kill this shit for Nate Dogg, Pac and Biggie."

Freddie Gibbs: A Cold Day In Hell (Preview)

This is gonna be dope! Gibbs’ Cold Day In Hell is set to drop in July. Featuring the likes of Young Jeezy, Bun B, Juicy J, BIG K.R.I.T, Alchemist, Statik Selektah and more.

Gamboi: Freshman of the Year EP

The 15 year old spitter from Ann Arbor, Michigan lets loose this 6 track EP. What were you doing when you were 15? Exactly. Download below.

Sunday, June 19, 2011

XV: 30,000 (Feet Up In The Sky)

After reaching 30k followers on Twitter, XV put this one out.

Kendrick Lamar Celebrates His 24th Birthday In Toronto

Starts spazzing around 3:45. Kendrick's lyricism is amazing.

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Who'd They Sample? Saturdays: My Well Smokes Good- Devil Inside of Me

Appreciate the dude @gMentay for sending this one over. Laid back!

"In The Valley Of My World" (1973) by The Independents off their album "Chuck, Helen, Eric, Maurice".

Friday, June 17, 2011

Chuuwee: This One For You

The track is from Chuuwee x Lee Bannon's Hot N' Ready mixtape which you can check here:

The video was directed by CaliGraphi Multimedia.

Damn this Chuuwee x Ooloo T-Shirt collab is dope! I def need to get my hands on one of those!

You can check out Ooloo here & on their Twitter and you can find the dude Chuuwee here

Kendrick Lamar: Ronald Regan Era ft. The RZA

It's a good morning when you wake up to some Kendrick. Here's another Section80 leak.

Thursday, June 16, 2011

The ILLZ: The Pursuit (ILL Tal Remix)

The ILLZ sent this one over yesterday and I'm just barely playing it now. What was I thinking sleeping on this for a whole day? Shit is dope. "Produced by ILL Tal, off of the upcoming ILLZSENTIAL: The Essential ILLZ Collection due out July 6, 2011. The project is a special collection for fans and the perfect introduction for those that have to yet to lend a ear to the upcoming emcee. The project will feature over 15 tracks as well as 5 BONUS REMIX CUTS!"

The ILLZ: Speaks On Production, The Industry & More

This is dope. I like how he corrected himself on Lykke Li's name lol.

Kris Kasanova: Break Up

This is pretty nice. And god damn this girl fine. Off of Kris' Long Way Home FreEP.

Chuuwee: Scott Heron ft. Bam Circa 86 (Prod. By Abjo)

Visuals. "Hunger turned greedy with an appetite."

Dee Goodz: Still Grind'n

The Nashville spitter kicks some bars over Dom Kennedy's "Grind'n".

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Thr33zy McFly @ Common Ground

Thr33zy hit the stage in Riverside,CA on Sunday. That Better Breeze joint was clean live. Dope.

Gameboi: Act Right ft. Rapper Big Pooh

This is the first time I heard dude but this is dope! And this beat is nice. Off his upcoming Freshman of the Year mixtape, which drops this Friday.

Monday, June 13, 2011

Steve Breaston: A League Deferred

This is dope! Dudes got talent!

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Dasanto "Flying Boat"

The dude TreaZon told me to check this one out. That's dope. Normally artists these days only care about pushing their own stuff. Once I pushed play and started listening I'll be honest, after hearing just the intro I was thinking I knew exactly how the rest of the album was gonna play out. And to think I just made a post-it note to myself last night telling myself to not be so judgmental. By the second track "From Me To You" I was nodding my head to every note. Track number three hits with an Incubus sample! Dope! And I'm not even that into Incubus. Track four had me noddin' for sure. Matter of fact pretty much every track did! I can't wait to listen to this more so I can get a better view on this art! Just download and enjoy. For real.

Friday, June 10, 2011

TreaZon: Battousai Flow

I don't know anything about the Japanese cartoon that Trea is referencing but oh my this shit is dope!

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Blu: Up All Night

Just thought I'd throw something up that I've been currently listening to on repeat for days on end now. The average listener doesn't even understand how sick Blu's rhyming pattern actually is. "So leave your pencils and your pistols out the door please, or be smashed by the Cadillac-a-jack, shit I smashed last night, she told you she on the rag? Nah, she was on her back, tried to hit it from the back, but when I tried to get an inch in, she told me just relax, so homie just relax, I'm on some O.G. Mister Mack, and hoes know me but only from the oldie pimpin' mags, on the cover with this Mag, like this motherfuckers bad." Dope!

Dom Kennedy: Grind'n (Prod. Cardo)

All I gotta say is WEST$IDE II 6.28.11!!

Raven Sorvino (of Language Artz): Je Ne Sais Quoi

Have I really not posted this yet? I swear I've tried to post this a handful of times now but I always get pulled away to do something else somehow. Anyways... have you ever seen something in a female that attracts you to her but you don't know exactly what it is? That's je ne sais quoi. This is the dopeness.

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

SLik d: High Vibes

Put down your Bruno Mars cd and give this a listen for a change. To check out more of SLik d hit up & on Twitter @SLickdizzle .

Moe Green: 707

Such a sick sample of The Weeknd’s “Glass Table Girls”. Moe Green reppin' for his hometown Vallejo! Dope joint here! Moe went tough on this one. Albuterol was my shit back in the day lol.

Big K.R.I.T. - The Vent Preview

You get the idea. Dope.

Chuuwee: May 22nd

From The With Love EP. That was dope. Now it's off to work.

Fashawn: Down That Road ft. Sam Hook

I dunno how I missed this one a couple weeks back...

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Nardwuar vs. Curren$y Pt. 2

Curren$y and Nardwuar make peace in round 2.

Nipsey Hu$$le: Keys to the City

Off of Neighborhood Nipseys Marathon mixtape.

Blu "EverybodyNose" Live In NYC

"L.A. rapper Blu stopped by New York in May '11 for a secret show presented by Nature Sounds and New World Color. Catch him performing some material from his new album NoYork, coming soon. Blu's latest project "Her Favorite Colo(u)r" is in stores now." Did somebody say "make up show"?

Big K.R.I.T. – Country Sh*t (rmx) f. Ludacris & Bun B


Pac Div: VladTV Freestyle

Some Pacific Division for you. Not sure about this one...

Pusha T: Alone In Vegas

Directed by Orson Whales (Shahan Jafri + Alex Germanotta). "Sunk leather seats softer than an angels kiss, but they devil red, tires double tread, I post and parks up, that gets me double head, tight rope walking tryna keep a level head, the bright lights blind look at what the devil did".

Monday, June 6, 2011

Izova the Khemist "The Fixtape"

Props to @_itSjkeyS for sending this one over.

Jonathan Lowell: John Lee (The 2009-2011 Sessions)

Here's a dope 25 track mixture of Jonathan Lowell production and remixes. Dude is talented no doubt. Preview (Three Trillion ft. Chuuwee) and download below.

Saturday, June 4, 2011

Fice: In The Kitchen

I been writing to that Brotha Lynch "24 Deep" instrumental for the last two months and Fice comes out and kills my shit haha. Dope.

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Mara Hruby: The Panties

A Mos Def classic. Casey Veggies also went in on this beat. Mara covers it. Ultra dope!

KiD CuDi: Marijuana

The video would have been better if it came out a few months back... CuDi doesn't even smoke anymore (or so he says)!

The Niceguys: Die Later

James Kelley EP dropping soon.