Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Cyne- Steady

In case you're too lazy to check them out yourself..... here's a taste of what to expect from CYNE. This is the first song I heard of theirs and was the catapult for my appreciation of CYNE.

CYNE Overall

It's not like I post on here regularly but my laptop broke so it's been even longer. I apologize to anyone out there that was waiting for new posts. Anyways you may have already seen the interview I did with one of the members from CYNE, Akin. Sitting back today and relaxing I figured that I'd do a "light" review of their cd's. Basically just listing my favorite songs of theirs and a favorite line or two from each song. Hopefully this gives some people some fresh music to listen to!

Collections 1999-2003
Tragic- "People no joke, my songs strong like the soul folk, why he go broke, hold your ice, the rap poltergeist. here to bring colder nights, people wake up, slave rappers in the industry need to wake up."
400 Years- "I’m breaking these shackles, they got me chained away from my liberty, look at the history, how they treated us through the centuries, like inanimate animals, only given annual holidays, to represent the hardships we endure today."

Time Being
Nothing's Sacred- "Who cant conform, who can't be told what is norm, who gotta perform with therapy, who's soul is torn."
Steady- "Do you remember when Martin had a dream and Bobby had a regiment."
Samura's Optic- "It is my mission, to shed light to the subject, confederate flags over the houses of the rednecks, American pride, or just evil in disguise, a close reminder of why many of my people died, to bring change in the midst of pain and oppression, we had to stand together and our hope was the weapon."
First Person- "I fight for life and make sure my lifes right, I stand strong on my own two, so what you gonna do, I hold you, In the web of my speech and mold you."

Evolution Fight
Soapbox- "Fu*k a penny for my thoughts, here's a dolla."
Arrow Of God- "I do believe in being after this sh!t, whether you righteous or a misfit, intrigued by the here after, avoid the fear factor, capture the fact that self will be here after, celebrate life and death in the same vein, and those that are gone I mourn but it's from pain."
Running Water- "I stand and I fall, and get up cuz I’m ready to run, like Icarus because I’m close to the sun."
Up Above- "I'll wrestle angels just to see your face again, because you were my life, my mother, my friend."

Pretty Dark Things
I haven't listened to this cd enough to comment on much but I dig the line, "Ladies with their legs wide, goodbye to dildo, goodbye to dildo" from the song Elephant Rome.

I'll try to post on here more often but in the time being (no pun intended) check out CYNE. They're one of the best underground hip hop groups.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Atmosphere- Trying To Find A Balance Live On The Jimmy Kimmel Show

It seems like I always use the term "one of my favorites" but this live performance by Slug and Murs on the Jimmy Kimmel show back in '03 is just that. Murs' energy as a hypeman in this perdormance is above and beyond and Slug always sounds better live. Slugs look is classic around the 2:10 mark when Murs runs out of breath and cant continue with the line "I'm trying to find a balance". Another great moment comes about 20 seconds later when Slug delivers the line, "yeah I got some last words" and the crowd answers back with his line of "f*!% all of y'all", which is pretty awesome for live tv. Slug tops off this great performance by hanging up the mic at the end of the video. Enjoy.

Thursday, January 1, 2009

2 Live Crew- Banned In The U.S.A.

As 2008 drew to an end I figured one of my new year resolutions could be to get on this here blog and post more! So what better way to start '09 then to go back into time with a song from 1990. I've been playing this song for a good 15 or more years and just today saw the music video for the first time. Realizing now that maybe it was a blessing not growing up with cable tv for the majority of my life because now I get to go back in time and watch what I was listening to back then and really be able to understand it. "Banned In The U.SA." was written in response to the court decision that 2 Live Crew's album "As Nasty As They Wanna Be" was too obscene (later being overturned on an appeal). Record store owners and group members were actually arrested on obscenity charges. 19 years later things have definitely changed! P.S. The music being sampled in this song is Bruce Springsteen's song "Born In The U.S.A".