Monday, December 22, 2008

Atmosphere- If I Was Santa Claus

Nothing like a little Atmosphere to get you in the Christmas spirit! This song was one of the first I heard from Slug and still to this day is one of my favorites.

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Q & A With Equipto

I'm really excited to present to the readers a quality Bay Area rapper's answers and opinions on a wide range of things including politics, Europe, and music (of course). So enjoy this "Q & A" with Equipto.

So with the whole election deal still being fresh, what's your take on Obama?
growin up,,i never thought i wuld c the day we would have a black president..cus thats how we wer raised i guess..its funny,,cus i wusnt a super "go obama" type of dude during the election..dont git me wrong,,i voted 4 him,,but i jus wusnt that gung-ho about it..but,,the nite he won,,i was watchn him walk out ther on that stage & i shed a tear or 2..i culdnt help it if i tried,,jus sumthin that hit me rit then & ther..i no thers a catch 2it tho..i dont think they wuld let a black man up in the white house unless they had sumthin up ther sleeves...but,,im happy 4now..i jus hope he dus sumthin!!

What comes more naturally to you musically; making beats, writing or rapping and which one do you enjoy most?
well,,i dont make beats like that..i mite find a sample & take it 2 1 of my boys 2 flip or wut jus not a technical/computer type of guy..i wuld have 2 say rappin in the booth comes easiest 2me..the writting process is more of a journey & experimental...cus after i write it,,i no how i wanna spit it & how i want it 2 sound..its a trial & error process..

How do you feel about the whole "hyphy" movement? It seems to have lost some of it's steam. Do you think it's ever gonna come back?
i love that the bay got our own thang nationally or wutnot..the world knows the bay is hyphy & thats dope,,,but they need 2 no that we got more 2 offer than jus goin dumb or stupid..the bay is diverse & we need 2b respected for for it commin back,,its a lifestyle out here for alot of these i dont think its goin anywer as far as culture & their outlook on life..but its a part of history now,,so itll eventually evolve & move on 2 sumthin else..

With the economy the way it is and the whole internet craze of music being downloaded illegally, does this force you to find other ways of providing for yourself and others outside of music?
honestly,,i think cd's will only b around for a couple more years,,if that..people jus download shit & miss the fun of reading the credits,,shout outs & pictures of the artist..i think beein frum the city (frisco) gives u an upperhand on survival out here..alot of my friends are hustlers & pretty much got ther hand in everythang ther is 2 git,,we find a way if the music dont pay...but see,,i du music cus i love it,,it aint my hustle like that..i dont put my all in2 beein succesful wit this music,,but thats jus me...i dont wanna lose the joy i git frum making music so i try 2 keep things fresh & innocent,,in a way..

I know you probably get this all the time but what's it like working with Andre Nickatina? How has he effected you and your music?
dre's a cool dude..we knew of eachother b4 the music..i wus on haight st & he wus in the fillmore..he took me 2 a few in stores & shows around 2000 & that helped me expand my fanbase & expose myself 2 a broader audience...frum ther i jus did my thang & kept pushin..

If you could go on tour with 3 other artists who would they be and why?
i would like 2 tour wit any of the living legends,,any of the hieroglyphics & mayb planet asia or sumthin..thers alota fokes i like,,but im mentioning groups or artist that i think wuld help me git a bigger fanbase & that r on the same kina vibe im on or wut not..i like 2 have fun wen im on the road..

Growing up as a kid what were some of your dreams and aspirations?
its funny cus i dont remember sayn thangs like,,"i wana b this wen i git older"!..i been writtn raps since i wus like 10 yrs old man..did the grafitit thang,,alil breakdancin,,all a product of this hip hop dad wus a jazz promoter & dj,,so i wus a lil kid goin 2 jazz shows,,beein backstage,,goin 2 radio stations 4 interviews,,checknem in to hotels,,..the whole music on the road i guess u culd say this is wut i wanted 2 du since i wus a kid..

I heard somewhere that you're into the whole Europe scene? What about Europe draws you into it? Also are you familiar with Europe's hip hop scene?
i think anywer but the usa is a great place for hip hop..thats jus my opinion cus i like the innosence they have towards the music..of course they started late or wut not,,but thats part of the beauty...i think as hip hop artist we have a responsibility 2 show,,teach & express wer we come frum & wut the music is all beein half japanese,,i felt exactly that way wen i went 2 japan..i seen cats thinkn that all hip hop wus is snoop dogg & eminem..its fine,,but that aint all hip hop is about..bottom line iz,,in order 2 git 2 wer we wanna,,we gota no wer it came frum..

To this day, what is something that you still desire? P.S. I read somewhere that Santa Claus checks my blog so I'll make sure to put in a good word for you.
man..thers alota things that still bring a smile 2 my face..but honestly,,thers no feelin like hearin a brand new dope ass beat that aint nobody heard but u...beein in the studio blowin trees writtin wutever comes to u @ the time..that "feelin free" process of makin music..thers no comparison..thers a certain vibe & feelin i git wen i hear songs i love,,,& i jus wanna give that feelin back 2 music lovers..peace..

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Saturday, December 6, 2008

Blu & Exile- First Things First

I came across Blu & Exile sometime last year and instantly was drawn to their sound. "First Things First" was the first song I heard off their album "Below The Heavens". The album as a whole is definitely refreshing compared to the music we're adapt to hearing on the radio now a days.