Saturday, February 27, 2010

Who'd The Sample? Saturdays: Big K.R.I.T- Hometown Glory

For obvious reason I can't call him Big so I'll just call him Krit. Krit sampled Adele's "Hometown Glory" for his track and what a sample it is. Adele can sing oh my!

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Curren$y: Lemon Kush

I'm diggin' it like a Harold Miner. That doesn't make sense but most rap now a days doesn't either. So feel free to use that line Fab.

Murs - Me And This Jawn (Nefarious! Remix)

I'm going nuts over here! It's been a minute since I've checked out the net for new music (vacationing in Hawaii and all... poor me!) but got damn some of these tunes I've posted are hot! This remix of "Me And This Jawn" is crazy! I haven't heard of Nefarious before but I'm def gonna check him out now and you should too! This beat is so much better than the original it's not even funny. Gotta love the 80's feel to it!

Siya: Summer Wit Miami

I'm seriously shaking my head right now. This girl can spit so hard! I heard her stuff a couple months ago and wanted to post it but I was lazy and never got around to it. I can't think of any female rappers that have went harder than this in the 2000's. Give it a listen and enjoy.

TiRon: For Your Smile

I miss the days when I did shit for your smile. I put the live version of this song up a while back. I think it sounds better live but it's still nice none the less. Anyways this is the first single off TiRon's upcoming mixtape, Mustard.

Pac Div: Shut Up Ft. The Cool Kids (Teaser)

Here is a little teaser for the upcoming music video for Shut Up, produced by Swiff D featuring The Cool Kids. Peep it! Director: Ken Koller Producers: ROC and Ken Koller.

Jay-Z On Friday Night w/ Jonathan Ross Pt.1

This is def a fun interview to watch. Jonathan Ross' face is priceless after he gives Jay a hug. Looks like JR might have bruised a rib on that exchange. Anyways Jay talks about everything from Obama to Puff.

CunninLynguists & Freddie Gibbs in the Studio

"CunninLynguists & Freddie Gibbs at Hot Beats Studios in Atlanta, GA recording material for the upcoming CL album, Natti album and Gibbs mixtape while Gibbs was in town for a show with Yelawolf and Bobby Creekwater."

"Rappers still write." Haha Gibbs has been on point lately with his material. The beat in this video is so sick!

Wiz Khalifa: Kush x Orange Juice Trailer

I'm so down with the use of Chris Isaak's song "Wicked Games". Looove that song! Top 25 all time song for me. Anyways here's some visuals and a taste of what to expect from Wiz' upcoming mixtape.

Big K.R.I.T.- Hometown Hero

Not to quote Pitbull or anything but dammit man! This song is so nice! The beat is giving me goosebumps and KRIT has a solid flow. The end of the video is pretty cool as well. KRIT sampled Adele's song "Hometown Glory". I give this song my full endorsement! Video for Hometown Hero off of Mississippi Native K.R.I.T's Debut Album "K.R.I.T Wuz Here" dropping April 5th.

Kurupt: All In Time Ft. Joy Luv & J. Glaze

Oh my.... I've never seen anyone look so good in a Yankees hat! Plus the voice to go with?! I'm feelin' Joy Luv one this one. This is the first time I've heard her and I'm diggin' the song for sure.

Monday, February 22, 2010

Vampire Weekend: Kids Dont Stand A Chance

"Vampire Weekend play 'kids don't stand a chance' and 'oxford comma' live in the streets of Paris, France. From la blogotheque!" Just felt like posting this one. It's old but still such a good song! Dude can sing and the video makes me miss Paris... I wish I had the cash money to go back!

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Kolohe Kai: Ehu girl

Just to give you guys a little taste of the beautiful music I'm getting to enjoy here in Hawaii during my stay. This dude can sing!

Loose Logic: I-Rok

I don't know if I should be crying or laughing during this video. This is sad... for the first 2 minutes of the video I couldn't tell if this was a parody or if dude was really trying to rap. "I-m Lame" should have been the title for this one. I have nothing more to say... save yourself a few minutes and don't press play.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Richie Cunning: Richie Cunning's Day Off

"RoutineFly and Richie Cunning are proud to present the official video for “Richie Cunning’s Day Off”, shot and directed by Trevor Traynor ( / The video is filmed in a grip of locations including but not limited to; someone else’s limo, a matinee showing of “More Than A Game”, and a cave. The song itself is available on Richie Cunning’s “Late Night Special” mixtape as well as Rec-League’s “Season Two” compilation, both released in December of 2009. Richie Cunning’s debut album “Night Train is available now on as well as iTunes, Amazon and other fine internet music retailers."

Monday, February 8, 2010

TreaZon: Breathe Life 2 Mixtape

IM-King and DJBooth present the latest mixtape from Cleveland’s TreaZon. Featuring the likes of ThreatZ, Nero, QuESt and Dasanto; and production from Numonics, Oh!, Charlie Hilston and more. DL link below.

DOWNLOAD: TreaZon – Breathe Life 2 (Mixtape)

Vandalyzm: Vandalyzm Is Not The Father Mixtape

Honestly I haven't checked this one out yet. But the internet is going crazy about it.... we'll maybe not crazy but people are def talking about this joint. The title def got my attention. I'll give it a listen sometime soon and update you guys on how I feel about it. DL link below.

DOWNLOAD: Vandalyzm – Vandalyzm Is Not The Father (Mixtape)

Scarub: L.I.F.E. (for what it's worth)

I don't know how much I'll be updating this site in the next seven weeks... I'm gonna be spending time in H-A-W-A-I-I, possibly smoking lah lah because I'm a thug, I'ma die high. Every time I hear this song I think of Hawaii for some reason. Such a tropical beat. "We're just dying to live again". I love double meanings.

Friday, February 5, 2010

Gil Scott-Heron: Me And The Devil

Whoa! This video is dope. From his forthcoming album "I'm New Here.

Freddie Gibbs: How We Do Live

"Freddie Gibbs told us “I used to get money on Sutter Ave (flatbush)” so we brought him out to a rooftop in Bushwick Brooklyn to do an exclusive performance of him flipping the classic “‘93 ‘Til Infinity” instrumental for his “How We Do” record." – YRB

Thursday, February 4, 2010

B.o.B Ft. Asher Roth- F*uck the Money [NoDJ/CDQ]

Off B.o.B's mixtape titled "May 25th" that dropped Monday. I'm not really into B.o.B and those periods in his name make it really tedious to post about him. But this joint is pretty cool and Asher keeps impressing me. I was def expecting him to fall off after his initial success.


I was holding up my hands in disbelief just like Monta (pictured above) when David Stern made the announcement to select Billups over Ellis. I'm completely lost here! Is this the all-star game? Where people tune in to see the best players in the world play on one stage? Or is this really good players on a good team game? Look at the stats, look at the style of play, look at who has the better chance of helping the NBA out in the future and then tell me who should have made the team. This makes me lose major respect for the NBA. It's all about money. If monta was on a big market team with the same stats he'd be starting in the all-star game. It's a shame for Monta that he didn't make it, a shame for the NBA and a shame for all the people out there watching the game that won't get introduced to this young stud. Snubbed!

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Way Back Wednesdays: LL Cool J Interview on Arsenio Hall

Going way back to 1988! Now I can't say I watched this live.. I was still a young buck. But maybe I did seeing how my mom was the hippest mom you could have back when I was growing up (my mom will give me sh** if I don't clarify... mom, you're still hip). There's two thing that stand out to me in this interview; 1. LL's gap in his teeth! So funny he actually got that fixed. and 2. Arsenio had to explain what "chillin" meant to the audience! It was "New York language" back then I guess. Damn I love how natural and how real they acted back then even on tv shows like The Late Show. Arsenio and LL actually seem like humans! That's a tough quality to find now a days.

Monday, February 1, 2010

Mainstream Mondays: Beyonce @ the 2010 Grammys

To me this was the only watchable part of the Grammys. I honestly had no interest in anything else... thoroughly disappointed. But Beyonce was fun to watch. And was it just me that thought it was hot when she grabbed her "nuts"? Feisty lady! Also when she went into Alanis Morrissette's song,"You oughta know", dopeness! Anyways check it out before it gets removed from youtube!