Thursday, May 27, 2010

Shad: Yaa I Get It

Off his new album titled TSOL. Check it.

Mike Posner: Cooler Than Me

This is def an upgrade from Posner's last music video. Way more professional. And I'm actually starting to hear dude on the radio lately... crazy. Props to MP.

Grip Plyaz: Step Out Ft. Aleon Craft

Here’s the music video for Grip Plyaz’s first single from 6Pack vol. 1: A Prelude to Purp, Wind & Fire, dropping soon. I like.

Drake: Light Up Ft. Jay-Z

HOV Renegading Drake on this one! I'm diggin this one... it's been a while Drake.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Wiz Khalifa: The Statement

DJ ill Will & HotNewHipHop Present the Official Video for Wiz Khalifa's song "The Statement" shot in Hollywood, CA. Off the highly publicized mixtape "Kush & Orange Juice". Directed by Alex Nazar

Curren$y x Stacey Dash x Creative Control

I remember watching Clueless for the first time and I remember being blown away by the bombshell that is Stacey Dash. Fifteen years later she's even more fine! Oh yeah and Spitta on the track! Can't forget about that part...

Bambu: The Queen Is Dead

I'm diggin' this song! Def smooth and the songs message is dope. It's time we as men start treating women better in songs and in real life. The queen's dead!

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Gonna go far with charisma and skill

So I'm getting all technological and stuff with this site (aka I added a Facebook page). I'm gonna be taking off the "followers" widget so add the Facebook one! ADD HERE!

Fashawn: Samsonite Man Ft. Blu

The official video for Fashawn's "Samsonite Man" featuring Blu, from his collaboration album with Exile Boy Meets World which is in stores now. Got damn Blu is on!

An Interview With George Reefah

For those people who might not know of you, can you take a moment and introduce yourself?

Sup yall!!! Nice to meet you!!!! I go by the name George Reefah. Im originally from Toronto Canada and I been making music for the past 5 years now. hahaha, not sure what else to 6' 3", 190lbs, and I like thai food...hahahah...

You've made some changes in your style of music. Can you describe those changes and why you made them?

Being the creator of the music I don't feel like my music has changed, I would more say it has grown and evolved. The person who I am today will grow and evolve into the person I will be tomorrow and because my music is a reflection of who I am, its only right that my music grows and evolves with me too. The things I find interesting in life right now isn't necessarily what I found interesting 3 or 4 years ago. I used to enjoy chillin on my block in Jane/Finch Toronto, Canada and my music reflected the lifestyle that came with hanging out on street corners. Eventually I started to enjoy partying, drinking, smoking, and chicks and now my music reflects the lifestyle that comes with all that...

Do you feel like fellow Canadian hip-hop artists like Drake and Shad have helped paved they way for other artists like yourself?

Aw ya, most definitely. But I still think every artist no matter where they come from has to do a lot of ground work themselves in order for anyone else's notoriety to do them any good.

What are your weaknesses as a person and as an artist?

I gotta say that my biggest weakness as an artist would be looking or seeming busy. One of the most unknown facts about entertainers whether hip hop artist, or actor, or singer, or comedian or whatever is that we wait more than anything. We wait for phone calls, emails, documents, lawyers, meetings, shows, confirmations, responses; our lives are based on waiting on other people. Because no one cares to be entertained by someone who is constantly waiting so it is up to us to make people believe that we are constantly doing something interesting. In this age of the internet and real time communication my management team stresses to me how important it is for me to twitter everything that i'm doing. For some reason I find this to be difficult, but I gotta do it nonetheless, so i would say that is my biggest weakness. As for my personal weaknesses, I seem to have a hard time controlling myself around hot women and some good chronic...haha

Who are your major influences in the game and when did you know you wanted to do music?

Im not influenced by individuals in the game as much as i'm influenced by the people around me. The team that I work with has been put into place because we share the same interests and wants, we all do the same things and enjoy the same things. Those are the people who influence the moves that I make and the sound that I create. It wasn't until after high school when I realized that the NBA was outta reach did I really know that I wanted to do music. It was a process that took some time though because I needed to release music and have fans tell me they liked it before I decided to dive head first into the industry.

Would you rather have respect from fellow hip-hop artists or your fans?

Fans 100%!!!! I mean, I enjoy listening to other artists and following their careers but at the end of the day, I do this for the people who enjoy listening to and following my music. I think all artists have a natural genuine respect for each other already because most artists have to grind just as hard as the next guy to get to where they really want to be. Its the respect of the fans that every artist have to develop individually and because I feel like this is a harder respect to develop, it is definitely the respect that I would much rather have.

If you had to make a fan in a handful of sentences what would you say to convince them to listen to your music?

Yall like to party? Me too!! Yall smoke weed? Me too!!! What you sippin on??? Me too!!! Miami or Los Angeles? Sure lets go!!!

You just released your new single entitled "Rollin" yesterday (May 10). What are your expectations for this particular single?

Well outside of the fact that I want it to do very well on the charts, I don't have too many expectations. I kinda just want it to grow and manifest into a life of its own!! sometimes in life its good to just put something out there and allow it to do what its gonna do and then be thankful for what turns out.

What are your expectations overall?

My overall expectations is that I stay thankful. Im here for a reason and i'm thankful for that reason. Im going to be here for a certain amount of time, and i'm thankful for that time. If i'm thankful for all these things now, i expect that remain thankful for everything else to come. Thats all I really expect.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Brother Ali: Chain Link

I know this one's older but a good song is a good song!

"Hip hop, is so many things you can say about it, you feel me? Like, on the real, hip hop is like, just, beautiful. Hip hop is life".- Zion-I

And this song is hip hop! "
"Because if one dime sack at a time can climax into a billion dollar industry, then look at my abilities". Wow! Lovin' it!

Grieves & Budo: A Tribute to Felt 3

After the acapellas and instrumentals of Slug, Murs & Aesop Rock’s latest project were made available, Grieves & Budo got together a remixed their 5 favorite joints. Download is available below.

DOWNLOAD: Grieves & Budo – A Tribute to Felt 3 EP

Kil Ripkin: Mind Free

Thanks to Kil himself for sending this one over. I'm a little late on this one (checking my emails os something I need to do a better job at!). Anyways anyone who samples Goapele is A-OK in my book. Check it out.

Monday, May 10, 2010

TY$: Toot It & Boot It: Ft. YG and TeeCee

I love stumbling across good music on girls myspace pages haha. I find stuff I'd never listen to otherwise. It's about the only thing myspace is good for. Anyways this beat slaps! Lovin the lyrics too haha. The perfect song to play right before you leave the house for a night out on the town!

Shadez of Brooklyn: Wanted Men

It's been a while... busy trying to find a real job. But I heard this joint a few weeks back and have been playin' it ever since. It's def worth a spin.