Saturday, February 12, 2011

Genesis the Greykid Interview

Miles Beyond sits down with Genesis the Greykid for Rail Road Hip Hop. You can follow Genesis on twitter@hi_im_genesis and on Facebook: Russell Genesis McGee

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Part 2



Neal GreyKid Chatman said... far one of the REALIST & ILLEST interviews i've seen in a long while! Great questions and 100% real answers makes a GreyKid happy.....

Jesse said...

This interview shed light on the creative process of the artist - it opened up that window to Genesis' thought. I enjoyed how tangible and accessible the ideas that you guys grappled with were. Good Stuff and more importantly real stuff... I appreciate the perspective.

Willie said...

Point Blank Russll is the definition of what a Music Artist is... and its rare to find those types nowadays, Someone who Actually Lives Their Music. And Love what they do... and also offers the kind of Music to get u threw the day and even brighten it.. share a connection with fans and cuz at the end of the day they'll know they'll be nothing without them... thats an Artist... Willie Howard