Tuesday, January 25, 2011

An Interview w/ The Doppelgangaz

In case you're unfamiliar, The Ghastly Duo consists of Matter ov Fact and EP. Here lies the answers to my questions. Get familiar!

First off, why did you guys choose the name The Doppelgangaz?

EP: It wasn’t so much us choosing as it was the Rap Lords bestowing the name upon us. The definition of a “doppelganger” is someone’s ghostly twin and though we look nothing alike, we’re parallels in regards to our thought process and approach towards our craft.

How would you describe your guys style of music and how do you manage to consistently sound old school?

Matter ov Fact: We just let our personalities run amok on tracks. We don’t work on material with the intent of sounding a specific way.

What other artists influence you?

EP: Every artist plays a role in the influence of fellow artists. Anyone with the courage to pursue this art form and provide creative bodies of work, inspires us.

How and when did you realize music was something you wanted to do?

Matter ov Fact: The rap lords let us know why we were put on earth at an early age. We’ve been making music since around the time puberty starts in most boys. Since then we’ve matured musically although I’m still waiting to mature physically.

How do you guys go about sampling, such as the dope Filbert sample from Rocco's Modern Life on the track "Demons"?

EP: Everything happens for a reason. That sample grew two legs and walked its way into the Protools. We have no control when it comes to the production and arrangement process. That’s all the Rap Lords doing. They make sure the pieces to the puzzle fit. And you know you can never argue with the Rap Lords. All praises due.

Do the tracks "Groggy Pack" and "Smoke Mics" sample anything? If not, describe how those beats came about.

EP: The production process includes a lot of designer drugs and unclean women who are only at the session because they’re accepting a fee. We’re not ashamed to admit we pay to play.

Is the track "Sign It" about not wanting to sign with a major record company?

EP: It all boils down to Matter Ov Fact and I not wanting a lot of outside influence. We’re all about being self contained. That’s why we started our own label, Groggy Pack Entertainment. Our art can’t be tampered with.

Describe your writing process.

Matter ov Fact: Its very troll-like. Usually we chill under bridges and reflect on life. Ideas pop up randomly no matter where we are but a peaceful spot is definitely needed to gather thoughts.

Who would you guys like to collaborate with?

Matter ov Fact: I honestly don’t know if anybody would want to collaborate with us. We wear cloaks all day and visit brothels. Peoples PR teams would most likely advise them to steer clear of us.

Who are you currently listening to?

EP: Anything innovative and creative, point blank. A lot of Jazz.

With lines such as "Gregg Popovich pothole face.", I take it you guys are NBA fans? Who's your favorite old school NBA player? Frank Brickowski, Fat Lever, Oliver Miller and Tyrone Hill are all great options just in case you needed some!

EP: I was always a big fan of Matt Fish and Sergei Bazarevich.

Matter ov Fact: Greg Kite

Beats or broads?

EP: SInce we don’t have to pay for beats, I’d go with beats. Every time we venture out to a brothel, we have to skip a weeks worth of rations because it deflates our pockets.

Matter ov Fact: Word I’d go with beats as well. While beats can be infectious, at least they can’t give you infections like the type of broads we associate with.

Whats next for the Groggy Pack?

Matter ov Fact: Our instrumental body of work entitled Beats for Brothels Vol. 1 is now available for purchase on www.TheDoppelgangaz.com and iTunes. Before you know it the body of work we are currently working on entitled, Lone Sharks will be complete. We’re excited to give the people some cloaked out confidence in 2011 and beyond.

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