Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Kendrick Lamar Interview

A couple weeks ago I sat down with Kendrick Lamar right before he opened up for Tech N9ne . This is a three part interview that in total is around 30 minutes long. Not too many dudes in the rap game are willing to sit down and have a lengthy conversation about hip-hop and such. K-Dot's a different breed. Make sure to check Kendrick out on his Facebook and his Twitter.

In part one Kendrick Lamar discusses his Monster Freestyle, touches on the legend that is Dash Snow, and he also speaks on the songs "R.O.T.C" and "Average Joe".

In part 2 Kendrick speaks on smoking weed, talks about how it was working with Murs and Dom Kennedy, crying in the booth for his new song "Make My City Proud", he mentions he'd like to work with Bilal, Andre 3000, Floetry, Erykah Badu and what to expect next from Black Hippy.

In part 3 K-Dot speaks on the "justice" system, the music industry and how he feels about it, the West Coast hip-hop scene and his new album.

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